About Us

Reflections In Time, LLC is a small family-owned business located in east central Wisconsin. The shop has been in operation for over 15 years and continues to grow. Dale, the owner and operator, has over 35 years woodworking experience.

What kind of custom work do you provide? We can provide custom work in a number of ways. If there is a shelf, for instance, that you want built to a certain dimension or even a specific style, we most likely can do that. However, it may take a few contacts between us to make certain your requirements are met. Often times providing a drawing or sketch is the most helpful. We will then provide a quote on what the finished product will cost. We can also take any product shown on our web pages and customize it by laser engraving a name, date, logo, etc. Or, we can use your artwork and put it on a product of your design. This is a great option for those individuals who want to create a really unique gift or for businesses that wish to promote their company or use as promotional gifts. And remember, we use a variety of woods, stains, and finishes.

What are wood component parts? By this we mean that we can provide cut wood parts in bulk quantities. We use a computerized CNC router to cut the shape of the wood. In other words, the shape of the piece is first drawn using a CAD/CAM program. Then this same program sends the information to the router creating exact and uniform pieces. This is a great service for the serious crafter who needs to have wood parts cut to specific shapes. This is also a growing service to businesses who require larger production runs. And, as always, we will supply free quotes.